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Conservatory / Window / Glazing

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MB Glass and Glazing
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Company No: 07831685
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MB Glass and Glazing

A family run business with more than 10 years experience in supplying and fitting all aspects of double glazing and general glazing services.

Very competitive Pricing.

Clean tidy and courteous. All types of double glazing Windows Doors Conservatories Repairs conservatory-wanstead-mbglass ... TO LIVE... FOR A TOUCH OF CLASS, CALL MB GLASS ... MB Glass and Glazing supply and fit all types of windows in UPVC

Facts about Acoustic glass

Does Acoustic glass eliminate all noise? - No, but the effects of noise will be greatly reduced. Does the type of window frame affect the performance of the glass? - Yes, It is the glass and frame that help to reduce the noise. Poor quality frames and badly fitting sashes can still allow sound to penetrate through. What types of noises will acoustic glass reduce? - Acoustic glass will help to reduce noise levels from all types of sources such as traffic, road works, schools, noisy neighbours, people at bus stops and pubs & nightclubs etc.

Does Acoustic glass offer any other benefits? - Yes, the fact that acoustic glass is a laminated glass also gives the advantage of safety & security to your home. The interlayer also filters 99% of the UV light which can be the cause of faded curtains, carpets and furniture.

How effective is Acoustic glass? - The performance of acoustic glass will vary according to the glass configuration used and the noise source. However, by changing your glazing from typical 4-16-4 to 4-16-6.8. You can reduce the noise by as much as 25%. Further gains can be obtained by incorporating the 8.8mm or 10.8mm versions.

How does Acoustic glass work? - Acoustic glass absorbs and weakens sound, helping to act as a barrier to airborne and impact noise, making your home a quieter place. Quick tip If your windows and doors have been sticking over the last few days please don't panic. Its the heat just expanding the UPVC a tad. Once it cools down all will be well. If not and you are concerned just give us a call

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