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15 Years in Business

We are a Lichfield based landscape gardening business offering a huge range of services from initial design through to completion. We landscape not only back gardens, but front gardens and driveways too. We can often give drives a new lease of life with our resin-based decorative surfacing, or by simply cleaning and sealing the drive. We also carry out work for businesses, architects, developers, schools, local authorities and parish councils. Click here for more about our Commercial Services.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach and service. Our membership with the Association of Professional Landscapers, the Horticultural Trades Association and the Government-endorsed TrustMark scheme help facilitate this. We are also listed on the Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent Traders Register, used by Age Concern among others. We have an extensive range of services and are happy to take on small individual jobs as well as large and varied projects, including project management. Beautiful Gardens strongly supports all aspects of environmental issues.

Firstly, the company itself supports the David Bellamy Tree Appeal through our printers and uses recycled paper for all our printed media. Our environmental policy ensures that the company stays local (to minimise our use of diesel) and uses over 90% local suppliers for our materials. Through this policy, we undertake to recycle as much waste of possible and are registered waste carriers with the Environment Agency.

Secondly, the products we use are 90% natural. We strongly recommend the use of timber from sustainable sources, using companies accredited to the FSC. We also encourage the use of natural stone products, from slabs to water-features to gravels etc. We also have a wide variety of suppliers offering recycled products from benches, fencing, decking, rubber ‘bark’ chippings and more.

Thirdly, our garden designs are considered for their environmental advantages, with new habitats created in most gardens, mainly through planting. We are proud to be able to plant thousands of plants every year, from trees to hedging whips to shrubs and perennials. These plants are the life source of thousands of animals and can be complimented by wildlife ponds, bog gardens, bird boxes/feeders/baths, log piles for hedgehogs or any range of animal-friendly installations. Sedum matting is now available on the market. This is ideal for shed rooves, rabbit hutches etc. and forms an ideal habitat for insects.

And lastly, in addition to our services above, we have a range of eco-services offering everything from the installation of geothermal heating and rain-water harvesting systems, to drainage of flood-risk areas and installation of a range of free-draining surfaces. Sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) can be advised upon and implemented where necessary. Please click through to our Permeable Drives section for more eco-products.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


  • Complimentary visit to discuss the garden, measure up and give ideas and inspiration with all quotes provided for free.
  • We offer a wholly professional service; from turning up for appointments on time, providing quotes within one week of initial discussions and free scaled drawings for most projects.
  • Our aim has always been to use local staff and suppliers to serve our local community and we take great pride in doing this.
  • With 15 years landscaping experience, we offer fresh ideas and creativity.
  • We undertake any size of project and anything garden or drive-related. From patios, walling, fencing etc to installing driveways /car-parks to garden design, planting, garden buildings and hot tubs.
  • Offer our services to private individuals, businesses and local councils.
  • For larger projects, we provide design and consultation services and project management throughout.
  • We now offer a range of garden accessories through our on-line shop and free garden advice through our Question Corner.

Landscape Gardening Gallery

Landscape gardening in Lichfield is a field where aesthetics matter. We know that it's important for your garden to look amazing; the best way to judge if a landscape gardener is for you is to examine their previous work and style.

We have an amazing collection of our landscape gardening work below, all of the landscape gardening seen in the images below were carried out by beautiful gardens are delivered to happy customers.

Once you've had a chance to look around our gallery don't forget to look at our testimonials to see what our customers said about us.

Landscaping Gallery

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Driveways Gallery

When you are looking to get work done on Driveways in Lichfield, the aesthetics of the finished work is likely to be at the top of your list of priorities. As such, it is important to see a range of the finished driveways from whoever you are likely to hire.

Below, we've laid out a gallery of a selection of the driveways we've worked on. As you can see, many different tiles and bricks have been laid, with different edges and finishes to them.

If you like the look of these driveways, please feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote!

Driveways Menu

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  • Block Paving
  • Driveway Maintenance
  • Permeable Drives
  • Resin Bonded Surfacing
  • Tarmac

Bespoke Gardens Gallery

Getting bespoke gardens designed is becoming an increasingly popular gardening choice. If you are looking to get a Bespoke Garden in Lichfield, the aesthetic value of the finished work is likely to be at the top of your list of priorities. As such, it is important to see a range of the finished gardens from whoever you are likely to hire.

Here at Beautiful Gardens, we've worked an a huge variety of different bespoke gardens for many clients with completely different goals. Below, we've laid out a gallery of a choice selection of the gardens we've worked on. As you can see, many different styles, coverings, paths and features have been created, with different edges and finishes to them.

If you like the look of these gardens, please feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote!

Commercial Gardens Gallery

If you are looking to get your garden redesigned or landscaped, then the aesthetic value of the final product is likely to be at the top of your list. Because of this, if you are looking to get work done on commercial gardens in Lichfield, it is important to check out a gallery of the previous work of any contractor you may hire to do work on your gardens.

Here at Beautiful Gardens, we've worked an a huge variety of different commercial garden projects, for many clients with completely different goals. Below, we've laid out a gallery of a choice selection of the gardens we've worked on. As you can see, many different styles, coverings, paths and features have been created, with different edges and finishes to them.

If you like the look of our commercial garden work and would like a quote, or if you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Commercial Gallery

  • Commercial Gallery
  • Driveways and Carparks
  • General Landscaping
  • Play Areas and Safety Surfacing
  • Tempest Ford

Garden design itself can be a discipline which takes years to master.

Planning a successful garden combines knowledge from a variety of disciplines, from identifying suitable plants through to correct ratios of decking and lawn areas to ensure a balanced feel is maintained.

We have successfully planned hundreds of gardens and driveways and, with our natural eye for class and beauty, we are confident we can provide a solution for your gardens which you will be happy with.


No matter what surface you choose for your driveway it is the gateway to your home. A great driveway can make your house more appealing and create valuable parking spaces for vehicles or caravans.

We can provide new driveways using numerous existing technologies and are always finding new methods to create beautiful driveways.

If you have an existing tarmac or concrete drive that is due for a face-lift, or even a new tarmac drive, then resin-bonded and resin bound gravel can completely transform your drive.

Tarmac driveways are one of the most popular driveway options we supply. They have a range of benefits, and doesn't tend to be too expensive, which makes it a very popular option for driveways.

Tarmac: the advantages

Tarmac is becoming an increasingly popular choice for driveways. This is mainly due to the many benefits of choosing this driveway option:

  • Easy to install – unlike pavement or concrete, as it can usually be laid directly onto any existing surface whereas the other materials require a full depth bedding layer before work can even begin, although if you have a lawn this will need to be removed beforehand.
  • Very quick to lay – a professional will mix the tarmac at a high temperature in a proper paving machine and usually get the job done in a matter of hours – which means less disruption for you and any other road or path users who might be affected.
  • Long lasting and incredibly strong and durable – tarmac is particularly resilient to the weight of heavy vehicles or traffic flow that can otherwise crack or cause breaks in paving and concrete.
  • Impermeable - and thus able to offer resistance against any significant water damage that can cause a front lawn to flood – involving a long clean-up job afterwards.
  • Cheap and easy to maintain – any scratches or dents can be quickly repaired by you or a professional with the correct polish, and even if your driveway suffers extensively you can add a new tarmac layer directly onto the old one – saving you the worry of excavation costs!
  • Easy to edge with other materials – such as clay tiles, stone or brickwork, for a neat and attractive finish to your driveway.
  • Weather resistant - come rain or shine, your tarmac driveway will stay looking as good as new for many years to come!

Please view our gallery to see a range of our previous tarmac projects.

Driveway And Patio Maintenance involves a number of different tools and techniques, depending on both your needs and the surface of the driveway. The most common technique is high-pressure cleaning, which is a very versatile technique:

High-pressure cleaning

We use a variety of techniques to clean driveways and patios, depending on their size and surface type. High-pressure cleaners can be used as direct jets, or used with a rotary head. Once cleaned, block paving will need re-sanding with kiln-dried sand and slabs may need re-pointing.


Beautiful Gardens Commercial arm offers a wide range of landscaping services to suit your needs. You may just require design services, or help to rejuvenate and better utilise existing grounds, or it may be an entire project needing on-site project management and liaison with specialist subcontractors.

We carry out work for businesses, developers, Parish Councils and local authorities, architects and schools. These may be small individual jobs, or entire projects that involve planning, consultation and project management.

Our ability to design and execute projects enables our clients to deal with one company throughout the entire project. All designs can be drawn on CAD to any scale, with full material lists, specifications, planting plans and any other supporting documents provided.

We have all relevant insurances and policies in place to cover issues such as Health & Safety and Public Liability, and are registered waste carriers. We are also members of the Association of Professional Landscapers, the Trustmark Scheme and the Lichfield & Tamworth Chamber of Commerce.

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