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Perfect Paving Systems

Perfect Paving has been  established as a limited company for many years as part of family business.

Perfect Paving soon became well known locally for top quality block paved driveways and patios within the Stourbridge and surrounding areas of the black country.

Perfect Paving have, to date, carried out thousands of successful installations, including local school projects and English Heritage sites such as Stuart Crystal in Wordsley. 

Perfect Paving Systems Ltd. are also approved contractors for Tobermore Block Paving: Walling: Kerbs, Edging & Channels; Eco Paving; and Natural Stone Products. 

In 2009 Perfect Paving were awarded Employer of the Year.

Our workforce now stands at 34 members. This is mainly made up of our site teams to which our company employs 12 fitting teams. This is due to the high level demand for new contracts and our company is always booked in advance.

Our showroom is open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm.

You won't find prices on our web site. Some of our competitors quote 'approximate' prices on their web sites or when you first speak with them. Later, the actual price you pay varies considerably! 

Please call us for a free Inspection and Survey/Quotation.



A block paved driveway designed just for you


A beautiful patio can enlarge and enhance your home

Driveway & Patio Repairs 

Enhance your home with an individually designed block paved driveway. Our block paved driveways are constructed to industry standards by skilled teams. We will work with you to design the features of your driveway or patio.

Driveway and Patio Cleaning 

Is your driveway or patio looking tired? We can re-vitalise it and make it look like new. Our cleaning and repair specialists can make those old paviors, walls and brickwork stand out and it wont break the bank.


Circles, Walls & Drainage 

Circles are a popular feature, either built into larger patios or as stand-alone features within the garden. We offer a range o circles, featuring a centre stone with one, two, three or more outer rings, giving a selection of different diameters.


Lighting & Security 

Secure your driveway and home access with our range of security options. Lockable posts will provide additional security to your existing home locks and alarms. Our telescopic driveway security posts are simple, economical and are hidden away when not in use.

We offer a 5 year fully comprehensive guarantee on all labour and materials which is backed by our suppliers.

Perfect Paving driveways include Contemporary and Rustic, cobbled and more. 


There’s also a wide range of colours, many exclusive to us. In Contemporary and Rustic, you have a choice of small, medium and large blocks. For the ultimate in natural blocks, we offer you solid granite or sandstone. Our standard block is 60mm thick, 20 per cent more than most. You can also consider our 80mm-thick blocks to handle heavier vehicles. 

  • High-quality, multi-layered block driveways look beautiful and last many years
  • Use 60mm-thick blocks - 20% thicker than most
  • Wide range of styles and colours to suit any property, modern or traditional 
  • Option of solid granite or sandstone, the ultimate natural blocks 
  • Choice of kerbs, drains and lighting for beautiful practicality 

Our Contemporary blocks come in various colours, some unique. The surface is particularly smooth for bikes, pushchairs and such. 

Particularly suited to older-style properties, our Rustic blocks have a natural, established, slightly weathered look which can also flatter more modern homes. 

When nothing but the real thing will do, consider our hard-wearing granite blocks. In contrast to our concrete blocks, we lay these on a bed of mortar and point them. 

Sandstone blocks, beautifully streaked with strands of colour, have been used in the best driveways for generations. Like our granite blocks, these are set on mortar and pointed. 

Bold and beautiful with its more complex and unusual block shapes, our products turns your driveway into something which is much more evocative. Each block uses interlocking octagons and diamonds to create an understated but intriguing pattern.

Driveways with Kerbs - We Give You the Edge


Practical and decorative, our kerbs become integral to the strength and beauty of your driveway. In various shapes, textures and colours, they complement or contrast pleasingly with your driveway and home. 

Our clever diversions prevent pools and ponds


To channel rain and hose-water well, you need the right drainage for your driveway. Our drains are tidy, clean and effective, blending into their surroundings without detracting from the beauty of your home. 

Installed with care by our dedicate teams


With the quality of service provided by our dedicated teams during installation is crucial. Our service begins with our expert consultant’s visit, where your driveway will be designed to meet your needs and compliment your home. We follow that with our surveyors careful quality control checks


Please call us for a free Inspection and Survey/Quotation


A patio that suits its purpose requires some thought in creating the best patio design with enough space.


You have options for your patio design. They can give you additional living space and drive up the value of your home. However, before you start building, you’re gong to need a patio design. 


Patios should be oriented toward the best view of your backyard and take sun and shade into consideration, along with present or future backyard landscaping. Beautiful outdoor rooms can be created with walkways to link your new living spaces. 


After dark you can stay outside if your patio is illuminated with soft low voltage lights. You can even get lights that look like boulders! 


If your property has a slight slope to it, there is no reason why the patio can't be on one or more levels! This design feature is very appealing if each level is the right size. 


Small doesn't have to mean dull and uninteresting. A smart patio design, no matter how small, can be a fun escape from indoors. Using a simple 15' x 15' space, you can have an area for sitting, gardening, entertaining, and even a water feature.


Why should I consider walling?


Walls offer : -

  • Privacy and shielding 
  • Barbecues for entertaining
  • Raised beds for planting 
  • Ponds for tranquillity
  • Brick walls give a traditional look
  • Stone walls echo Britain’s countryside 
  • Not all walls need mortar

Tobermore products are Ideal for the experienced builder to construct using mortar. Several sizes available so you can achieve a random effect if required Can be built up to 1m high if traditionally built using mortar.


Besides just looking good a clean drive will add value to your home if you decide to sell. Similarly, a professionally cleaned patio area is a delight to use as the “Outside Room” to the envy of your neighbours. 


Revitalise your Drive or Patio, make the most of your colour, remove dirt, grime, mosses, algae, tyre and rubber marks etc, using the latest petrol driven high-pressure washers. 

Firstly, we prepare the entire patio or driveway area by sweeping clean, remove large weeds and remove all rubbish. If needed a fungicidal wash is then applied, eliminating weeds and moss. We also break down severe stains such as oil and grime on the surface. Drains and gullies are cleared and covered to prevent blockage during the operation. The drive or patio is then scrupulously cleaned using the latest petrol driven high-pressure washers, to ensure a deep surface clean, removing any grime, moss and weeds etc. 

After the initial clean any visible stains on the paving become evident, and can be treated with the appropriate method of removal, ensuring no damage is caused to the surrounding gardens and flowerbeds. Any agreed remedial repair work is actioned at this point. Any weed killing operations are now performed, leaving the surface to dry before the next stage. When the blocks are dry, any displaced sand in the joints is filled with fine kiln dried sand. 

The work will normally be done within a day depending on the size of the area that needs attention. Re-sanding can normally be done 24 to 48 hours after cleaning. 

N.B. Power-washing will not always remove all stains, oil often needs to be removed with a special oil-cleaning compound, cement stains may need to be removed by mechanical and/or chemical action, and rust can prove impossible to clean. Power-washing will also not undo the effects of ultra violet fading of the dyes used in coloured concrete manufacture, but it will make the most of what colour remains, by removing dirt, and surface vegetation, hence releasing the natural splendour of the paving beneath. 


We promise you will not believe the difference! So, call us for a free Inspection and Survey/Quotation.


Does your Block Paved Driveway let your house down? Is it in need of repair? Is your patio sinking? Do you have loose edgings, uneven levels, puddles and have your manhole covers sunk? 


These are all common faults when your driveway/patio has not been constructed to the correct specifications. We can help, no matter how bad your driveway or patio may look, we can repair it. We now offer a complete and professional repair service for all driveways, paths and patio surfaces.


Loose or moving paving may need to be re-bedded, but it is more important to rectify the cause of the movement. Simply packing mortar into a joint and hoping that will stop the rocking or wobble is a waste of time - like sticking a plaster on a severed artery, it will only ever get worse.


Settlement and/or subsidence of the substrate layers, i.e. sub-grade, sub-base and bedding layer, is the most common reason for Block Paving failure. This settlement may be a result of: 

  • Wrong type or not enough base material 
  • Incomplete compaction of the substrate layers during construction
  • Liquefaction of the bedding layer by water ingress 
  • Failure of restraining edges
  • Loss of jointing materials
  • Application of loads greater that the pavement was designed to carry 

Whatever the cause, it needs to be investigated and rectified before replacing or re-bedding the paving blocks. 


We will take up as much of the pavement area as is required, stacking the blocks close-by for re-use. We will then brush off any jointing sand adhering to the edges of the blocks. The exposed bedding layer can be rectified and screeded to prepare it for replacing the paving units. If correcting levels, and or remove bedding material is required. 


Replace the blocks as required once the bedding is prepared, supplementing with square or replacement blocks, and reseal with dry jointing sand or mortar joints. The area of repair will need to be re-consolidated, prefer ably with a vibrating plate compactor (wacker plate), making it look like new.


Drainage is so important in any driveway or patio but it is forgotten by many of our competitors. 


Perfect Paving will help you select the right products and
advise about such things as edgings and drainage. We will also advise on how best to solve existing drainage issue you may currently have.

We may advise that free-draining gravel be used in certain situations.

A complementary drainage channels may also be available.

driveline & drivesett channel

  • Mixes well with block paving and other surfaces
  • Driveline Channel is supplied shrink-wrapped
  • Simple rainwater control

These low energy lights smoothly change from one colour to another and add visual interest to your garden.


They are waterproof and will last for years.

drivelite 24


  • Low Energy lighting that shows the way to the door 
  • Reassuring on dark winter nights
  • A welcome addition to any driveway 24v LED lighting
    • 20 LEDs per unit give even white glow
    • Low maintenance
    • Weatherproof PIR sensor & remote control available 
    • Full instruction with every pack
    • Qualifies for a 5-year Hard Landscape Guarantee 
    • Low running costs
    • Up to 30 lights from one power source
    • Only use on domestic areas 


Driveway security posts provide a valuable extension to any home security system, by giving you an added layer of protection to secure your home from a possible intrusion. 

Telescopic driveway security post

  • Tough, thief-resistant lock resists drills
  • Available in yellow, black or new stainless steel
    – to be conspicuous or to blend in
  • Galvanised for long, trouble-free life
  • Discreet hinged plate is all you see when not in use
  • Drawn up and locked when needed


Circle designs and other features add further character and create an attractive focal point for your driveway or even a patio.


Luckily for homeowners, planning and designing a patio deck is a completely different story these days, as paving stones allow for numerous opportunities for creative and stylish patios and decks that increase outdoor living space while adding unique style, beauty and value to any home. The creative patio deck design options desired by homeowners can finally be achieved with the help of interlocking pavers.


You're much more likely to spend time in a room that includes elements you love, such as your favourite colours, décor, or furniture. The same of course goes for patio and deck design, too.


Landscaping a residence is like grooming your home. Keeping it beautiful and well kept should be everyone’s goal. Choosing the right landscape design is of paramount importance. Whether it’s a driveway, walkway or patio, Perfect Paving provide you with paving stone and landscape designs and installations that blend in with your home's natural surroundings.


Landscaping is more than just adding lots of flowers and shrubs to a residence. What landscaping does mean is that by creating a customized area for your home, it becomes an aesthetically pleasing and personal place for you and your family and friends to relax.

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