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G M Floor Screeds


GM Floor Screeds Ltd provide high quality and environmentally friendly screeds nationwide.

Welcome to GM Floor Screeds. We are specialists in providing and installing the most up-to-date floor screeds designed specifically for commercial and domestic building projects. We offer a variety of different products, from our most popular liquid/flow screed, right up to underfloor heating. We make sure all of our work is to the highest standard and makes any project as time, money and energy efficient as possible.


GM Floor Screeds' specialism is in liquid / flow screeds.

We specialise in liquid & flow screed applications for both commercial and domestic properties and take pride in our range of products and level of service. Liquid screeds are high energy efficient and reduce cost in labour and time so are ideal for any building project. We take pride in our work and make sure any gap in the floor is filled.


We also provide other screeds.

Although we specialise in liquid / flow screeds, GM Floor Screeds also install other types of flooring, such as sand & cement, concrete and thin section screeds.

Our concrete screeds are designed to get over structural issues with buildings, whereas the latex thin section screeds are to adjust levelling issues in particular rooms or zones.


GM Floor Screeds are a national company based in the Midlands. We provide all types of flooring for buildings ranging from refurbishments and small extensions, right up to large industrial projects. We have been professionally installing screeds for over 10 years and we are approved installers by the main manufacturers and screed suppliers in the UK.

Our services include:

As part of our ongoing commitment, we provide a high level of aftercare, helping our customers with any questions that they may have and also ensuring that their floor is optimal in its efficiency. We have a lifetime guarantee on our liquid floor screeds and a 50 year guarantee on underfloor heating, provided customers have stuck to our guidelines.

All our staff are trained and qualified in all of the required practices we carry out. This ensures the best job possible for each and every one of our customers.


GM Floor Screeds are specialists in liquid & flow screed applications for both commercial and domestic properties and take pride in our range of products and level of service.

Our screed is pumped directly onto a surface, so it reduces thickness and drying time, giving you peace of mind that you're able to continue with your project on schedule.


Key features:

  • Increased productivity – 1000m2/day can be easily achieved
  • Self compacting
  • Self curing
  • Can be walked on in 24-48 hours
  • Can be loaded after 7 days
  • Extremely low shrinkage – does not curl and minimises the risk of cracking
  • Avoids the need for reinforcement
  • Significantly reduced thickness when compared to traditional sand – cement screed
  • Large bay sizes of up to 1000m2 depending on application (heated floors 300m2)
  • Ideal for use with under floor heating
  • Can be force dried as early as 7 days after application
  • Weight saving as a result of thinner section
  • Dries at a rate of 1mm per day up to a screed depth of 40mm in good drying conditions
  • Easily achieves SR2 finish as described in BS8204
  • Protein free – cannot harbour harmful bacteria
  • Non combustible (tested to BS476 Part 4)
  • Minimal Thermal expansion (0.012mm/mK)
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Our liquid screed is ideal with the use of under floor heating as it has efficient heat transfer properties.


Benefits of Liquid Screed:

  • It transfers heat far better than a standard sand and cement screed
  • Flow screeds leave no gap unfilled - all air sockets are completely filled preventing heat from rising
  • Transfers 100% efficiently
  • Reduced labour requirements
  • Reduced material requirements - although it is an expensive product, aiming to keep screed at a minimum requirement, helps keep costs at competitive rates

Our liquid screeds are produced under BS EN 13454 which is a standard of the quality that the material is mixed to.


Underfloor Heating

With improvements in efficiency and climate control in homes, underfloor heating has increased in popularity, along with the growth of technology lead developments and building projects. A good underfloor system delivers many benefits for home owners in reduced energy and fuel costs as well as maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year.


With improvements in efficiency and climate control in homes, underfloor heating has increased in popularity, along with the growth of technology lead developments and building projects. A good underfloor system delivers many benefits for home owners in reduced energy and fuel costs as well as maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Liquid screed is a vital part of ensuring maximum efficiency from your underfloor heating. Liquid screeds show a substantial improvement in the way heat is conducted from your underfloor heating pipes in comparison to traditional underfloor heating materials. Please take the time to read through our data sheets to see the benefits of lowered depths and heat efficiency.

GM Floor Screeds undertake the full supply and instalment of your underfloor heating systems. Each individual job is custom designed to maximise efficiency and all manifold and temperature controls are integrated.


Floor Preparation

GM Floor Screeds takes a lot of pride in our work to undertake the best possible floor preparation around.

Floor preparation is a crucial part of any screed job (good preparation makes a good screed). This includes using various insulation depths to build levels of floors, ensuring any pockets, air holes and edges are fully sealed prior to when the screed going down.

All of our staff are trained to the standards that manufacturers require, making sure that any acoustic materials are jointed properly, insulations are packed in tightly and polythenes are sealed correctly.

We also install full gas and damp membrane systems to required British regulations.


Insulations & Acoustics

Acoustic flooring solutions can help reduce the level of sound that travels through a floor.

GM Floor Screeds install insulation and acoustic floors to approved specifications known as Robust Detail or Pre Completion testing. This is a specification that tests the transfer of sound before the floor installed.

Most of the acoustic materials we use are tried and tested Robust Products. Using these products can save on costs of having further acoustic and sound tests when the floor is installed.

Our staff are trained and approved installers by many of the leading manufacturers of acoustic flooring.


We have experience in using many types of insulation boards and we use the appropriate insulations for each specific job, dependent on the specifications and the U-Values needed to achieve the required standards.


Level Surveys

To ensure our customers can get the most out of their floors, GM Floor Screeds would always prefer to perform a Level Survey on the floor area, allowing us to maximise the insulation values, helping keeping costs of screed materials down and help achieve maximum thermal values within properties.

These surveys come at a small cost in comparison to the total save made across the years from higher efficiencies out of your insulations.

All floor surveys are undertaken and a full report is written up, provided to the customer outlining options for cost saving and increasing insulation depth.


Sand & Cement

Sand and Cement screed has always been the traditional choice of flooring materials in the building industry. Installed using traditional methods of steel trowl and straight edges.

The benefits of this material are that it can be laid into falls, helping excess water be disposed of correctly and efficiently. Fully bonded, partially bonded and un-bonded screeds can all be achieved with sand and cement. Dependent on the job specification, any reinforcement needed inside the screed will be looked at individually. GM Floor Screeds will always work alongside our customers and architects to ensure the right materials are laid in the right areas.


Thin Section Screeds


Thin Section Screeds are single component quick hardening cement based screeds for levelling and smoothing floors where rapid drying is essential. These products are best applied by trowel.


Typically used for filling holes or depressions where rapid drying is essential, for fast track refurbishment and new construction where carpets, ceramic tiles, vinyl, linoleum, wood block, cork or similar floorings need to be applied very quickly. Used for smoothing floors in office buildings, dwellings, public buildings, schools, hospitals and other places exposed to similar loads.


  • Fast track application
  • Self levelling
  • Very fast setting - walk on after 2 hours under normal ambient conditions
  • Very fast drying - normally cover after 4 hours at 10 mm, dependent upon ambient conditions
  • Single pack
  • Protein free - will not harbour bacteria




GM Floors offers a high quality surface finish in their concrete screeds to eliminate the use of power floated concrete on building sites. It can be applied to applications, slabs, structural toppings, oversites, domestic floors and commercial slabs.


Working with the best known suppliers and producers of modern concrete products:

Agilia™ Horizontal enables the rapid and effortless construction of slabs and floors.
Agilia™ technology provides a high quality surface finish, eliminating the need for powerfloating.
Floor finish tolerance to BS 8204 - 1 SR2


Maintenance of fluidity = two hours
Compressive strength at 28 days = 35N/mm²
Minimum thickness = 75mm
If a greater strength at 28 days is required, Lafarge will work to the customer's specifications.

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