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A1 Driveways & Building Services Ltd

Congratulations, you have found a paving company that can complete the task, on time, on budget and uses the best materials.

Every Driveway and Garden projects are undertaken and each is done with complete professionalism from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best advice to ensure you're completely satisfied with your finished driveway.

We strongly believe that our driveway services are second to none.


A1 Driveways & Building Services LTd

We are professional run business that have been supplying asphalt, tarmac, block paving, Driveway, Paths and Patio and Groundwork services across the Midlands for many years.

We have a variety of block paving options to choose which are long lasting and durable against many years of use, it can improve the look and value of any home.

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Building Regulations

Generally a new driveway or patio area does not require building regulations approval.

However, you will need to make sure that any alterations do not make access to the dwelling any less satisfactory than it was before. So, for example, changing levels to introduce steps where none existed before would be a contravention of the regulations.

Planning Permission

If you live in a listed building, you will need listed building consent for any significant works whether internal or external.


Focal Point

Hard standing areas such as garden paving, patios and paths add structure and dimension to your garden, even providing focal points and should last for many years to come.

Whether your needs are for a small seating area, or large entertaining area, garden paving such as a patio is a practical and versatile solution.

The choice of products is vast and ranges from man-made concrete products to natural stone such as Yorkstone, Sandstone, Slate and Limestone.



  • Lay New Drives
  • Lay New Paths
  • Remove Old Drives, Paths & Patio
  • Lay Tarmacadam Combinations with block paving
  • Lay new Steps or Ramps


In addition to Block Paving and Tarmacadam we also offer extra services:

  • Permeable surfaces
  • Loose gravel


This is the simplest type of construction. The driveway sub-base is covered by a surface layer of gravel or shingle.

Gravel with different shapes and colours is available to make the surface more decorative.

A strip of block paving or asphalt at the entrance can limit the loss and spread of gravel from the drive.

Hard permeable and porous surfaces

Hard surfacing which allows water to soak into it can be built with porous asphalt, porous concrete blocks, concrete or clay block permeable paving.

The material has open voids across the surface of the material or around the edges of blocks that allow water to soak through

To work effectively permeable surfaces should be laid over a sub-base which differs from traditional hardcore which has a lot of fine material in it (sand and silt) that stops water passing through it easily.

For permeable and porous driveways different sub-base materials are required that allow water to pass through and also store the water for a while if it cannot soak into the ground as fast as the rain falls.

Various materials are available and two examples are known as 4/20 and Type 3 sub-base.

Materials for permeable sub-base are described as open graded and consist only of larger pieces of stone that have spaces between to store water.

Rain gardens and soakaways

An area of garden can be formed into a rain garden - a depression to collect and store rainwater running from conventional impermeable surfaces (asphalt, concrete and block paving), before slowly allowing it to soak into the ground or to flow to the drains.

Rain gardens are a relatively new concept in the UK.

The depressions can be located along the edge of the drive or as a larger area in the garden at a low point. The depression can be planted with suitable plants to help slow run-off, or gravel or cobbles can be used as decorative features.

There may be a gravel-filled trench below it to increase the storage capacity and allow water to soak into the ground more easily.

Soakaways are a similar idea except that water is piped into a gravel-filled trench or special container and allowed to soak into the ground.

In some areas many houses have the roof downpipes connected to soakaways. They are more suitable for houses with larger front gardens as they require space and need to be located a suitable distance from buildings.



We prepair the gound for laying posts, panels, foundations for all types of walls and fences.

Specification Frame - 45mm x 45mm Slats - 7mm x 95mm Manufactured using treated FSC timber Compatible with concrete and timber fence post.

Available in natural timber or choose from a selection of 11 paint and stain finishes.

Pre-painted or stained panels save work on site and are prepared in special temperature controlled conditions using a exterior paint for a smooth, consistent and durable finish.

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