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Premier UK


Our new roofs can come in a variety of styles and colours perfect to match - our services mean we can usually create a beautiful addition to your property A new roof maybe cheaper and better value than several  on going repairs - You can to call us and find out your best options we can inspect and advise with free estimates your under no obligation to  find out your best options and this could save you money in the long - run

Part of our services is to remove all rubbish old tiles etc

so your property is left clean and tidy - no fuss !

We can supply new roofs to all kinds of premises residential commercial and industrial Landlords welcome and we can achieve budget options for those

who need to save money

All our team are experienced and professional with years

of achievement so a new roof is installed expertly, efficiently  with no fuss and at cost effective prices



Our Roll-Out Dry Ridge universal systems are a mechanically fitted system which securely fixes the ridge tiles onto a roof, protecting them from wind up-lift and rain penetration.

There is no need for mortar, making the job of fixing the ridge quick, easy and clean, as well as making it possible during frosts and other adverse weather conditions. No more pointing and cement problems etc  !!!!!


Park Home Services

We provide a complete Park Home inspection service for the under chassis.  Should you need it we can remove any rust, condition and re-coat your under chassis with a specialised weather-proof coating.             We are confident in the quality of our work and we offer a 15 year guarantee.


Skirting Systems

Normal good quality caravan and park home skirting methods, using Stone, Brick, Block and Render etc., are all reasonably satisfactory when completed, but they do present a number of severe practical problems at the building stage which are often frustrating and are always time consuming, expensive and messy. Also, such methods have to make use of heavy and cumbersome materials, they cannot be carried out in bad weather and, invariably, they require several days of work which can be very expensive.

On the other hand, Premier Uk  Skirting panels can be installed quickly and easily. They neatly eliminate most of the difficulties associated with old fashioned methods, while the final visual effect is identical, at about half the cost, but they can still be taken down and erected again without difficulty for access, maintenance or relocation purposes.


Panel Repairs

Ultimate Recladding, Aluminium to Ply

Let Premier UK give you a mobile park home a face lift and a new lease of life by re-cladding! This will not only save you money and help keep you warmer in the winter (by reducing your heat loss), but it will help reflect heat keeping your home cooler in the summer as well as reducing your carbon footprint from saving energy. The traditional re-clad can be carried out on all types of park or holiday home. We are able to re-clad in a variety of colours and styles.


Repainting and retexturing

Ultimate Re-painting & re-texturing (PTC Stipple, Masonry Coat)

Premier Uk can replace rotten timbers, outer wall paneling and outer skirting with new durable, treated products. We can also apply textured wall coatings, such as the popular stippling effect.

We remove and repair any damaged render, apply a resin-based permeable coating which allows walls to breathe. This ensures that the walls of your home are protected against all manner of UK weather conditions.


Metro tile roofing systems

We offer a re-roofing service based around the Metrotile Roofing System. This lightweight, durable product helps to cut heating costs due to its insulating properties and improves the look of your home.


Over Door Canopies

Ultimate Over door canopies

Protect your family and your park home from the elements. Over door canopies provide shelter from all weather conditions and enhance the appearance of your home. Our canopies are made to fit and complement your park home. Covered in quality, maintenance-free uPVC materials, each canopy is beautifully tiled and supported with decorative brackets, available in a selection of finishes. Why choose an over door canopy?

- Protection from rain, snow and sunlight

- Durable and maintenance free

- Planning permission not required

- Made to measure to fit your home

- Enhances the value and appearance of your    home


Bay Windows Tiling systems

We also offer a complete bay window tiling system - which will eliminate rotting wood over bay windows - problem solved - in a choice of colours.



These  pictures show just

how blank land can be transformed.

 Our Driveways Come in many of styles colours and options and with just as many decorative borders to choose from the possibilities are almost endless !

with our free planning and design

services together we can and discuss your needs and create a project that can become a valuable asset for years to come …

We also offer a full maintenance and repair service that an extend the life of your existing installation Power wash cleaning - Driveway Sealing, Levelling and replacement stone

Re-surfacing of Tarmac drives  and more

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