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This auction is for the removal of wall paper and plaster (if necessary) in 3 bedrooms, remove the existing tiles in the bathroom and kitchen and replace with a full height in the bathroom and a glass splash back in the kitchen (I will provide the plash-back) just need to tell me when you need it, there is a 1 week leading time for the order.
The work is to be completed no longer than 3 weeks. Going past a 3 weeks a £100 weekly charge will be deducted to the auction price.
All the material will be ordered via YouKwoteMe at the end of this auction, so if you can give me quantities and dates I will be posting the job for a week duration. The payment will be divided in 3 segments (Total Kwote / 3) the first payment will be made at the end of the second week and the final payment (2/3) at the end of the 3rd week or as soon as the job is completed and we are all happy.

I will not be paying any extras is the conditions of the walls are bad once you have taken the wall paper and tiles out.

I will not be paying extra money without pre-agreement via the YouKwoteMe change request has been submitted and signed off.

The time and quality is critical as we are a family of 4 living in the house, I would be considering weekend working at no extra cost if you wish to guaranty completing the work within the 3 weeks.

I am happy to receive viewing requests to be made via YouKwoteMe, please do allow time for me to get home in the evening to answer any booking requests.
I rather answer your questions online as I do not want to keep on repeating myself or trying to give a much consistency as possible.

Good Luck

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