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Welcome to our Charity job!

We would like a website designer/builder to register their interest to help the local community by building a website for 1st Chadsmoor Scout Group in Cannock Chase District.
By building this website, we will be able to increase the number of Leaders and youngsters and you will have the opportunity to publicise your business to many visitors.

To register your interest please sign in for free at and leave your details in Arrange A Viewing. Any questions you may have please use the Ask A Question on the bottom left.

Thank You!

Please see below a few examples of what the site would look like:

We would like the following pages/links:

Home page:
Scrolling pictures at the top (5)
Event list (linked to the calendar) with pictures and text on the top right
Banner at the right for publicity
Donation button at the top and footer (donations via )
Text box below the scrolling pictures for a short description of around 100 words.
A text box at the bottom linked to the "About us" page with the option to insert a picture.
List of badges link to the Badges page with the option to insert pictures and text.
Below that list of "Partners" where the logo of your company would feature!
On the left hand side to have the links and a short text for the following pages: Beavers - Cubs - Scouts - Explorers

About Us:
Simple page with text and pictures

Event Calendar:
A 12 months calendar where we can highlight the past and oncoming events showing the "today date" each time the calendar is open, On the calendar we should be able to see a short section of the event (a title) and the relevant badge associated to the activity. Once the date is clicked, it will than show the full text and download the relevant information if registered as parent and/or staff.
Ideally with the possibility to click on the date and and the option to book the event into the mobile calendar and/or outlook.

Contact Us:
Page with a google map of the scouts address
And the possibility to insert name, address, opening hours and days and phone numbers.
Entry requirements to contact the scouts team: Name, email, contact number, email, message (around 1000 words).

Loads of pictures and text which will describe each of the events (most relevant once) key achievements ...
Around 10 to 12 events separated within the page.
Needs to be an attractive design full of fun as well as reflecting our Cannock Chase green and beautiful forest.

This page would mainly be to attract people to all ages to be part of such an exciting group.
On this we will collect similar details of the contact us but asking more details (to be provided later).
It would need to have the option to add current vacancies on the right side. Short text on the page and with the possibility to be expanded when clicked (text box popup)

Admin page:
Simple page to be able to edit and update the contents, add 3 types of log-in details (admin, staff and Parents) so that different types of information and documentation and accesses are allowed according to their roles.
Edit calendar, upload and remove photos/logos, allow access to staff and parents, send emails to groups of people to the 4 different groups of parents and staff and people registered to our newsletters.
Ideally edit text in different colours and sizes, bullet points, numbering, insert videos (YouTube and Vimeo)...

The following 4 pages are to be similar to the About us page but with the different types of pictures to reflect the age band, add the possibility to insert pictures and text for each of the activities.
Beavers between 6 and 8 years old.
Cubs between 8 and 10 1/2 years old.
Scouts between 10 1/2 and 14 years old.
Explorer between 14 and 18 years old.
Network between 18 and 25 years old.

We are continually looking for donations and volunteers. Please do not wait until the website is built to register your interest to be part of our team.

Thank You!

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Please select your best available date and time, you can also use the text box to send other time periods and add your contact details, once completed click Submit Viewing Request.

From there the Client will receive the suggested date and time which he will than accept, propose new dates and time or reject your request. The answer will depend on how good your profile is and if your skills matches the expectations. You may want to re-submit a Viewing Request if no confirmation has been received. Do not attempt to go to the site prior to receiving confirmation. Keep in mind that if send too many requests the Client might chose to move you to his Blocked Traders list.


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    Hi, I would like to do the site please Thanks
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