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£50.00 Total Saving

A tall tree needs to be cut down.

A tree located at the back of my garden needs to be put down Needs to be gone within a week to the end of this auction..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £350.00
  • Current Bid: £300.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 17 Miles
£10.00 Total Saving

Plan and Permission for a house extension

This auction is to do a plan and permission for a house extension. The extension is to build a first and second floor above the garage, I have an idea of what the house should look like. ..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £1000.00
  • Current Bid: £990.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 4 Miles
£1,195.00 Total Saving

External rendering to detached house inc scaffold

This auction is to do external rendering including new extension. Flat rendering required Currently has textured render to main house Scaffolding is to be included in the Kwote and to be kept for 2 weeks to be painted. Viewing is recommended, so please make your bookings visa the site, I am avai..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £5595.00
  • Current Bid: £4400.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 16 Miles
£100.00 Total Saving

House extension

This auction is to build a first and second floor extension above the garage. Planning permission has been accepted for by the council. I have drawings of the proposed extension. It will need a completely new roof..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £15000.00
  • Current Bid: £14900.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 4 Miles

CCTV System and alarm in and outside my house

This auction is for an alarm system to be installed in and outside my house, it is a 5 bedroom detached house, 3 stories building. The system need to allow to setting on and off using the iPhone, receive notifications and be able to see cctv footages remotely. Good luck...

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £0.00
  • Current Bid: £0.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 17 Miles
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House Rendering Professionals at their Best

We all love the house we live in as it is the result of our hard work and perseverance. It is our duty to ensure that it remains intact for as long as it can with regular maintenance. The daily wear and tear of the exteriors of our house often due to the strong winds, the solar impact, rain and several other types of precipitation take a toll on the wellbeing of the house physically. The solution to revive its originality is to opt for house rendering.

House rendering involves the use of cement, sand and lime to ensure that the condition of the exterior is just like how it was when it was built. Lime is added to the mixture to bring about a smooth texture and then applied to the walls using a trowel. It is a task that cannot be done all by yourself and, therefore, requires professionals to do it for you.

While rendering the house with the above-mentioned components, experts often advise opting for easier and efficient ways for house rendering. It includes the waterproofing methods using plastic and acrylic materials to ensure that the exteriors are waterproof and fire resistant. Rendering a house is known to make it last longer than normal especially when there is the use of high-quality rendering material and the right technique to perform it. 

This job by professionals makes them follow a certain procedure. Following it step by step would make it easy for the completion of the process. The steps include –

•    Scraping the wall surface to smoothen it

•    Removing damaged parts and replacing them

•    Applying a new coat of rendering material

•    Making it ready for use

We at YouKwoteMe bring to you the best quotes for your job where only the professionals who excel in such jobs would place quotes for the job. You could thereafter make a choice on the right professional who would ensure to use the right equipment and the right methods to perform your house rendering services in the best possible way. Each professional bidding for the job posted by you are experts in what they do and thus you can rest assured that they are the right people for your job.