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£50.00 Total Saving

A tall tree needs to be cut down.

A tree located at the back of my garden needs to be put down Needs to be gone within a week to the end of this auction..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £350.00
  • Current Bid: £300.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 17 Miles
£10.00 Total Saving

Plan and Permission for a house extension

This auction is to do a plan and permission for a house extension. The extension is to build a first and second floor above the garage, I have an idea of what the house should look like. ..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £1000.00
  • Current Bid: £990.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 4 Miles
£1,195.00 Total Saving

External rendering to detached house inc scaffold

This auction is to do external rendering including new extension. Flat rendering required Currently has textured render to main house Scaffolding is to be included in the Kwote and to be kept for 2 weeks to be painted. Viewing is recommended, so please make your bookings visa the site, I am avai..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £5595.00
  • Current Bid: £4400.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 16 Miles
£100.00 Total Saving

House extension

This auction is to build a first and second floor extension above the garage. Planning permission has been accepted for by the council. I have drawings of the proposed extension. It will need a completely new roof..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £15000.00
  • Current Bid: £14900.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 4 Miles

CCTV System and alarm in and outside my house

This auction is for an alarm system to be installed in and outside my house, it is a 5 bedroom detached house, 3 stories building. The system need to allow to setting on and off using the iPhone, receive notifications and be able to see cctv footages remotely. Good luck...

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £0.00
  • Current Bid: £0.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 17 Miles
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Quote for Home Extension from Approved Builders and Contractors Locally based and reputable very very good Feedback rating

Get Your House Extension Done by Experts

Getting the appropriate contractor for extending or remodeling your home is a heck of a task. You have to be very sure of what you want and choose a contractor who will meet your needs at an affordable price and complete the work within the stipulated time. This goes without saying that it calls for a lot of research work for getting the contractor of your choice. That is why it is necessary that you compare the house extension quote of a number of service-providers and then finalize the deal.

Prior to zeroing in a particular contractor by house extension quote only, you should ask quite a few questions to the contractor.

  • Ask for the kind of work that they have done earlier – This will help you to judge the type of experience that your contractor has. You will also be assured that your work will be well accomplished within time if you check this.  This includes verifying whether the contractor is licensed or not, the amount that he has charged previously and the kind of work he has delivered.
  • The people who will be supervising the work – You should ask the contractor that how they are planning to conduct the job and how many sub-contractors will stay while the job is being done.
  • Ask for the timeline - This is one of the most important questions that you should ask the contractor just after comparing the house extension quote for various service-providers. An exact start and end date should be put on paper and should be signed formally so that you will get a clear idea of the exact time.
  • Guarantees – This is also another thing that you should take care of prior to making a decision. Ask for the guarantee that they will offer.  Don’t sign any contracts until you get through with your most urgent demands.

We at Youkwoteme will provide you with hosts of options for contractors. This will be your one-stop destination for comparing the various services for house extension quote.  All you have to do is upload a post specifying the location, the type of extension and the amount you are willing to pay. Soon you will get loads of calls from the potential approved contractors who want to do the work at your price or even lower.