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£50.00 Total Saving

A tall tree needs to be cut down.

A tree located at the back of my garden needs to be put down Needs to be gone within a week to the end of this auction..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £350.00
  • Current Bid: £300.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 17 Miles
£10.00 Total Saving

Plan and Permission for a house extension

This auction is to do a plan and permission for a house extension. The extension is to build a first and second floor above the garage, I have an idea of what the house should look like. ..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £1000.00
  • Current Bid: £990.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 4 Miles
£1,195.00 Total Saving

External rendering to detached house inc scaffold

This auction is to do external rendering including new extension. Flat rendering required Currently has textured render to main house Scaffolding is to be included in the Kwote and to be kept for 2 weeks to be painted. Viewing is recommended, so please make your bookings visa the site, I am avai..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £5595.00
  • Current Bid: £4400.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 16 Miles
£100.00 Total Saving

House extension

This auction is to build a first and second floor extension above the garage. Planning permission has been accepted for by the council. I have drawings of the proposed extension. It will need a completely new roof..

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £15000.00
  • Current Bid: £14900.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 4 Miles

CCTV System and alarm in and outside my house

This auction is for an alarm system to be installed in and outside my house, it is a 5 bedroom detached house, 3 stories building. The system need to allow to setting on and off using the iPhone, receive notifications and be able to see cctv footages remotely. Good luck...

Job Information
  • Starting Bid: £0.00
  • Current Bid: £0.00
  • Job Ends: Ended
  • Distance: 17 Miles
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Full Assistance Regarding Home Improvement

If you are thinking of renovating your home, then there are a lot of issues that you should consider. Firstly you have to arrange the finances well and plan out well about what you want to renovate. Home improvement calls for a number of tasks, and so it is quite vital that you choose your contractor wisely so that you get the desired result without a massive toll on your pocket.

Things to Consider

There are quite a few stuff that you should keep in mind while hiring a contractor for home improvement. Some of the things that you should consider are enlisted below:

•    Try to decide everything before beginning – One of the foremost decisions that you should do is think and decide everything before starting off with the work.  There may be several situations that may come up in the course of work. So if you keep the other things like the paint, faucet selection, etc. decided then, that will save you time.

•    Let the contractor buy the materials – There are high chances that you think of buying the materials required for such jobs yourself thinking that the contractor will take an extra price for the same. But keep in mind that they will be able to purchase the materials at a much lower price and manage a better quality at the same time. The markup price of the contractor will be equal to what you will to the price with which you buy.

•    Try to work with a Contingency Fund – If you are thinking of going for it, you should almost always be prepared for a contingency fund. This is because an increase in the budget is nearly mandatory whenever you are into a renovation. Therefore being ready with a contingency firm will be quite beneficial.

Our website YouKwoteMe brings to you efficient contractor services for home improvement. You just have to upload a posting on our website specifying your requirement especially the property that you want to renovate, the locality and the amount you wish to invest. In no time, you will get loads of contractors who are placing their bids and are willing to work for you that too within the amount that you have mentioned.  So you get quite a few options to choose from without any harassment.