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Website Closes Loop for Trades People

The website has been designed to tackle problems associated with some 'lead generation' websites. Among these issues are installers loosing jobs through lack of communication with the Client, no guarantees of winning jobs, and paying for leads going nowhere.

Pascal Baptista has designed he knows and understands how big organisations operate, applying the same principles to domestic and commercial clients.
He said: "I've been working in construction for over 15 years and saw the selection process for main contractors develop into what is now a two-stage process.

The First is the pre qualification process. This is a quality, financial health and capacity assessment. As part of this process, the same companies are subject to additional checks is areas of credit, historical growth, financial stability, health and safety performances, policies, experience and any other categories that may be relevant to the work to be carried out.
The second process varies depending on Clients but it ultimately becomes an assessment of having the right balance between time, cost and quality. This is basically when a quote is submitted. Time and cost in general are directly related and can have large influence on the final quote. We have replicated these processes and built them into the website. Traders undergo initial checking to determine if they for the Approved Trader Stamp.
This process includes the recollection of credentials, credit, past work done and any other relevant experience and feedback collected. From this point Clients can be reassured that our Approved traders will meet minimum standards. The second step, which is the pricing will entirely depend on the Client and the quality of which the information is provided to the Traders when listing the jobs. There are many websites out there, some of them have actually created some strong foundations, but the issue is that we are missing the point when trying to sell leads based on a text message, or the others where Traders will undergo checking processes and feedbacks are given to them but there are no guarantees they will win the works, a Client will contact them and when
With the loop is fully closed, for instance, Traders are checked, they receive jobs notifications, they get to see the jobs online which is a combination of text pictures and documents. If they want to do the job, they make the bookings online, see the job and start to reverse bid or submit quotes all via the website.
When Clients, list their jobs online, they have 30 days to decide if they want to go ahead or not. Once works starts, both Traders and Users are protected with the contract, this contract is very simple, it can be resumed in one line to: do the works in accordance with best practices, following manufacturer instructions and as stated in the job detail. Every construction steps can be recorded in the Daily Diary Log where they can record progress with a combination of text and photos. How many Traders will tell you that most of the issues they have are due to have agreed something with the Client but they failed to comply. When you ask the Client they will say, well he did not told me it was costing more, how much it was, he did not completed on time… With our Change Request it all becomes very clear, any time there is a change, they fill a 2 box form stating with the is the change, if it has a cost or time impact, how much will it cost or how long will it take and they only have to do the work once it has been approved, which with this simple process it all becomes clear to both parties. At the end, there is a 2 way feedback rating, this is not only for Clients to choose which Traders can bid on their jobs but it is also to give the opportunity for Traders to give their thoughts about the Client which will later influence the way they would price future jobs for them. In addition to that the handover documentation and the Health and Safety file can be saved online, in situations where Clients and Traders do not reach agreement you can raise a Dispute case at any point in time, if the issue remains open for more than 30 days or you want to escalate it we have ready to assist in helping you to solve the issue.

Key benefits
One subscription, no extras changes for leads, bid as many job as you like.
Clear view of the jobs with pictures and details before committing to viewings.
Contract for every job post on the website
Record progress in a clear timeline with Daily Diary Log
Record changes between Traders and Clients with Change Request Log
Keep all the Health and Safety Files in one location
Give and receive Feedback
Solve potential issues with our Disputes resolution centre