5 Advantages of Converting Your Loft

Your loft is one of those areas of your house that tend to get forgotten about, but you might be surprised by the potential that lies beneath those layers of dust, old objects and suitcases. Although converting a loft is usually an expensive project, the benefits can be enormous.


1 - Increase Your Living Space

A loft conversion is usually far simpler and more affordable than adding an extension, such as a year-round conservatory, onto your home. If you've already got the space available, you might as well use it to greatly expand the living area of your home. Many older homes in particular tend to have roofs with very high pitches, potentially adding an entire full-height floor to your house.


2 - Add Value to Your Home

According to research conducted by the UK's Nationwide Building Society, a loft conversion can substantially increase the value of your property, provided it is done properly and fulfils any planning permission and safety requirements that might be necessary. Although the initial investment may be high, it should end up being highly profitable.


3 - Improved Energy Efficiency

If you want to convert your loft into a proper living area, the space will need to meet modern energy efficiency and insulation requirements. While these requirements can sometimes be difficult and expensive to meet, they'll add value to your home and make it more cost-effective to run. A renovated attic is far better equipped to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter than a big empty roof space.


4 - Boost Your Income

Some lofts provide enough space to make them into independent living spaces, and though such an extensive conversion is more likely to require planning permission, it can be much more profitable. If your proposed loft conversion can add one or more additional bedrooms and bathrooms to your home, you should be able to rent out the extra space to a lodger to help you cover the costs. 


5 - More Affordable than Moving

With property prices becoming increasingly unaffordable to the general population, a loft conversion can present a far cheaper and more practical solution to the increasing space requirements of growing families. Particularly if you don't want to be forced to move out of an area you like living in, opting for a loft conversion instead can be far less stressful, expensive and time-consuming.



The housing market does vary each year and such as everything in life it tands to follow cycles where the value of a house in general can increas or even decrease. Home Improvements such as converting an empty space to an usable one certainly is an added value when done at the rught price. Loft conversions are becoming an increasingly popular way for families to improve their quality of life. There are now many companies that specialize in loft conversions, and since they usually present a very challenging DIY project, hiring a team of approved professionals would be the sensible course of action.


28th March 2016

Pascal Baptista