Top 10 Affordable Home Improvement Options

Your Home will always have room for improvement. Just think about it, how many times have you been involved in renovation works and a friend or even the builder has suggested that you make amendments to suit your preference during construction?

Don’t look any further….. we recently moved to a new house and after only a few months, we decided to install a double sink in the bathroom, we have paved the front of the house and my wife has already started one of these sweet conversations saying she would like to have a bigger kitchen.  Having said that, all these options would either be based on taste, need or as an attempt to increase the chances of selling your house.  It is always advantageous to know that kitchen and bathroom renovations generally yield the greatest return on investment so here are ten inexpensive home improvement options




Kitchen Improvements and low Price Ideas:

1. Let’s start by looking at the least expensive option which is to update without significant effort? Simply changing the knobs on drawers and cabinets can vastly improve the look of otherwise functional cabinets. Check if the size and the positions of the holes match the new ones.  Measuring centre to centre is a little awkward, so the best option would be to remove your existing handle and take it to the shop with you, that way you can compare the two or ask the store assistant to advise you on the options available to you.

2. If the cabinets are old or stained, then changing their appearance does not have to involve tearing them out completely and spending a fortune to replace them. Removing the doors, sanding off old stain or paint, and refinishing them costs less and can dramatically improve their appeal. Try white, cream or olive colours or simply varnish or apply wood treatment oil for a rustic look.

3. Has the floor seen better days? Parting with ugly scuffs and scratches can happen in various ways. If you have a wooden floor and it is salvageable, then by all means sand and stain it.  Otherwise, ask a local company to lay your favourite floor in your kitchen. The option would mainly be to focus on the functionality and its use. Tiles are great for appearance but difficult to replace when damaged. Similarly, hardwood is easier to repair or replace but can easily be damaged by falling objects or continuous use. Synthetic materials such as vinyl are made from different types of compressed materials which form a natural appearance, are the least expensive and the most durable options.

 4. Are your appliances displaying a jarring variety of colours? Instead of buying a new matching set, consider painting them or even replacing only the door cover of an inlaid dishwasher to match the nearest large appliance.

 5. If you are considering buying new sets, take a look at built-in options. There are a wide range of appliances manufactured to fit within a tight space, a kitchen displaying the same visual throughout will always look better.


Bathroom Cost Effective renovation options:

6. Enjoying a relaxing bath or shower while surrounded by chipped tiles with dirty grout or a stained tub is an oxymoron. A new tub and shower surround combination can be a relatively inexpensive way to update the look.

7. Is the mirror behind the vanity cracked, unkempt, or just plain outdated? Safely removing the mirror and replacing it with a large framed oval or rectangular mirror above each sink is a modern way to add inexpensive style.

8. If the porcelain colour of the sink, toilet, or tub gives away the decade of instalment, perhaps the purchase of some special paint for porcelain is in order! Compare the expense of resurfacing the offending object versus replacing it to determine your most economical option.

9. Replacing bathroom floor with vinyl, lino or sanitary tile flooring is a win-win.

10. Remember that time when little Johnny floated his rubber ducky in the sink and let it overflow leaving the wood in the vanity forever warped? A good weekend project would be to tear out the dilapidated vanity/sink combination and replace it with an inexpensive new one or a pedestal sink would be the option.




These are a few options for an inexpensive way to save money on your home improvements. The other thing to consider is to wait and lookout for promotions and bargain corners for discontinued products. Accomplishing any of the above will certainly boost the emotional and economical value of your home.


Pascal Baptista