YouKwoteMe transforms the way reputable approved local building trade and professionals gets its customers

08 Feb 2016

There is a revolutionary new method of bringing customers and traders together in the construction industry. The reverse auction website YouKwoteMe has come up with an idea to transform the way the building trade gets its customers.

It can be hard work finding the right company for the jobs that need doing, but YouKwoteMe makes it easy. No more time consuming searches for companies who turn out not to be available or have not reached acceptable work standards. YouKwoteMe lets traders to bid on jobs that are posted by customers.

CEO and founder of YouKwoteMe, Pascal Baptista, said, "Being in the construction industry for so many years did not save me from issues with local builders. So I can imagine how stressful it can be for people each time they want work to be done, it is literally a gamble." 

YouKwoteMe saves people and traders time and money on construction projects. People post job details on the website and wait for traders to place their bids. Traders undergo a thorough checking process before being approved, so customers can be secure in the knowledge that they are working with professionals. With YouKwoteMe, people have control over who is hired for the jobs they need.

Traders subscribe at based on the value of the jobs they want to bid on, so no need to spend extra cash on advertisements or wait for the right job to come along at the right time. It’s also a useful way to find out what’s happening in the local area.

Instead of people competing for traders, traders compete for business. All customers need to do is choose between the offers that are received. YouKwoteMe brings the right traders and the right customers together. Don’t gamble on finding the right company for the work that needs doing, let YouKwoteMe take away the risk.

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