18:27 26/Nov/2015

You are invited to be part of the next revolution on the way you ask for work to be done.

Hi, and Welcome to YouKwoteMe.

I am delighted to personally invite you, to what will be the next online revolution on the way people ask for work to be done at home and businesses to search for work.

Pascal Baptista

Who are we

My name is Pascal Baptista and I can say that I have been working in the construction industry all my life since the age of 16. I am from the generation where concrete used to be mixed by hand to build an entire house, the building trade was so hard that at the end of each day I was coming back home, I wasn't sure if would go to bed before or after having a meal so tired and hungry I was. Even if this seemed hard times, I do not regret any second of it.

From there I went to school, did several training courses, went to university and ended up as Project Manager working for the top 10 construction companies in the UK.


What are the reasons for YouKwoteMe?

"The fact of being in the construction industry for so many years did not save me from issues with local builders!"

The idea started when I decided to have my own home and moved to cannock due to work. The house we moved into was from 1960s, the walls were fully covered with wallpaper all around, so we thought that we move in, buy or hire one of these wallpaper removing steam machines, peel the wallpaper out, paint the walls and job was done. Unfortunately, we soon found out the walls were not as good as expected and it became so a big job that we decided to start the process of contacting construction companies. Not being from the area, I decided to start hunting builders from Google, Yellow pages, 112, 118, local newspapers and ask around to a few people as they were going past and we were starting to get involved with the neighbours. After a few weeks I managed to get 11 contacts, between text messages, voicemails, emails and calls in noisy background. I finally managed to book appointments with 8 of them which is pretty good I think. From these 8 only 6 turned-up. Out of these 6, 1 said the project was too big, the other said was too small, and 4 said I will be giving you a quote by the end of the week. Unfortunately, one  came back with a quote. Well frankly, I had no choice then to give the job to him unless I wanted to start again and delay the start for another 3 or 4 weeks which is the time it takes between searching, speaking, booking and waiting for the quote. Unfortunately, after a few weeks we started to notice that some of the things they were doing were just not right, at the time I was working away from home so my wife was highlighting to them things that should have been obvious to them as professional builders. Anyway, at the end we had no choice then to search again for someone to finish off the job which ended up costing us a fortune and after 1 year (instead of 6 weeks) it was finally completed.

"Surely it must be a way where you can post your job online and traders would simply reverse bid on your job."

This was the trigger to start think on a way to make people's life easier, a place where you can get the best quote and they can choose which trader wants to bid on jobs, not the other way around. A place where Clients and Traders can publish their jobs, ask and answer questions, make viewing bookings, Traders to decide the job they want to do and Clients for Traders they want based on their reputation, have a way to record progress, accept and reject time and quote changes, keep records of all the process from the day the job was posted to the completion date and beyond. And most importantly, a place they can be secured that if there is an issue with a builder it can get solved and highlighted to others. 

"This is when YouKwoteMe was born."



Established in 2014, YouKwoteMe project has developed a tested and proven four steps concept where people and Traders can literally save time and money on any builder project. By collecting some of the feedbacks, we have even expanded this concept to other areas such as Website design, building regulations and plan and permission drawings. In addition to that, we have started to make an impact to the local community by engaging with the local Scouts group and helping them to build a website for free with other projects on the pipeline such as converting a storage room to an office.

"We are helping local communities to build a website and an office conversion."

Why a revolution?

YouKwoteMe has been likened to give the same impact as eBay, Shiply and UShip. Imagine a few years back when eBay did not existed. Try to remember how you use to sell your unwanted objects?

So now imagine the same for the work you need doing at home and business? Imagine a place where you simply post your job online and traders, builders, professionals and building merchants can submit quotes or reverse bid on the job they want to do? All fully traceable and protected.

Why YouKwoteMe?

For Users

Are you looking for a builder, a professional or to purchase construction materials but you don't really know how and where to look for?

YouKwoteMe is the solution!

The only think you have to do it to post your job at YouKwoteMe.com and wait for the lowest bidder to win your job using the YouKwoteMe reverse auction system.

Once the lowest bidder wins the job, the builder do the work as per your listing, the Builder receive the lowest bidding price and at the end both Builder and User reward each other under the YouKwoteMe feedback rating.

Job done!




For Traders

Are you a Builder, a Professional or a building merchant, you are new in the industry or a well established business?

Are you simply looking for new clients, buildup for feedback and increase your profit but you don’t really know when is the best time to advertise, what to write, how much to invest, where to publicise where you can guaranty to have the right balance between money spent and return without depending on luck or on a phone call that never comes?

YouKwoteMe is the solution!

The only think you have to do is to subscribe at YouKwoteMe.com, insert your details, look for jobs or simply wait to receive job notifications from us and price the jobs you want to do using the YouKwoteMe reverse auction system.

Once you become the lowest bidder, you win the job, you do the work as per the listing and agreement with the Client, you receive your lowest bidding price and at the end both You and your Client reward each other under the YouKwoteMe feedback rating.