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Revolutionizing the Building Trades

Today’s construction trades industry dictates that, when someone needs work done, they look for a trader, discuss their requirements and one is appointed to them. This can be very stressful, especially when trying to find a tradesman prepared to take on a smaller or bigger job to the right price at the time it has been asked for the Kwote. There has to be a better way.

Let’s look at this from another perspective. Let’s say that I am the person offering the work, therefore I am the person that will be paying for the job. Basically, I am the Client – so my question would therefore be “shouldn’t the Traders be offering to do my job under my conditions and, as such, offering their best quote with this in mind?”

Introducing, YouKwoteMe™, the unique online reverse auction website where people simply post their jobs and traders reverse bid on projects that they are really interested to do in accordance to my needs. The lowest bidder wins, you get the job done and save money in the process. No more searching endlessly for traders who are qualified to do the job, yet still affordable enough for your project’s budget. Now, with YouKwoteMe™, you have builders competing against each other for your project and that saves you time, hassle and money!

The YouKwoteMe™ Philosophy

Headquartered in a small friendly town in the UK, YouKwoteMe™ was created to benefit everyone; from the inexperienced upstart, to the long established builders, professionals and building merchants, we are here for everyone. Our philosophy is that everyone should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and skills and ultimately improve their industry reputation and qualification scores. By letting the client decide on a builder based on their merits and ability to perform the task, we are effectively making the building trades industry an easier, less confusing place to be for everyone.

Our CEO and Founder

Our CEO and founder, Pascal Baptista, has worked in the construction industry since 1994, rising from labourer to Project Manager. Pascal has also started his own Engineering company which has led him to realize that very little is done to balance this industry and his vision was to bring a back to basics approach to the construction trades by re-emphasising the definition of ‘The Client.’ Pascal wanted an industry that would give traders and Clients a fair and visible pricing system which relates to their skills and the need; a system that would record past jobs and demonstrate to potential Clients their actual key skills based on actual jobs. Thus, www.YouKwoteMe.com was born.

How It Works

YouKwoteMe™ is easy to use and will save you time and money on your next project. As a User, you simply post your job details on our platform and wait for traders to place bids. Then, review the bids and choose a trader by skill or qualifications. You can even pre-select specific traders or skills before the bidding actually takes place! With YouKwoteMe™, you are in control and only you have the final say in who you hire.

As a Trader, you simply subscribe at www.YouKwoteMe.com based on the value of the jobs you want to bid on, once you have told us who you are, you are simply open to openly bid on the jobs you want to do. So you no longer need to be spending extra cash on advertisement and wait for that perfect job to come at the perfect time. You will also be able to know where the market is at that particular time by searching for jobs per location and if there is scope to lower your bid on the job you want to do.

Connect With Us

To learn more about YouKwoteMe™ and to be a part of this industry revolution, contact us today via email at: info@YouKwoteMe.com and let one of our representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have. You can also contact Pascal directly on pascal@YouKowteMe.com


Happy reverse bidding!


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